New Business Card

16 12 2011

I’m back with a slightly altered new business card and some new images to post!  Can’t wait to share more with you.  I’ve been away from the blog over a year; so there will be lots of information and images to share.  Hope you are all having a great time preparing for Christmas!   TTFN  SDG


Posting During Italy Trip

13 09 2010

We’re supposed to have internet connections at all the hotels in which we’re staying; so I’ll be posting soon.  Meantime, my portfolio images…most of them, are on my new website.  Enjoy!


Italy Bound!

13 09 2010

Wow!  I have finished!  I placed 3rd runner-up in the class behind Damian AhChing, who won best portfolio, Gustavo Romero, who was 1st runner-up and Brett May, who won 2nd.  I was followed by Janet Kelley, 4th runner-up, Amanda Gardner, 5th and Deanna Washington, honorable mention.  I feel honored to be listed among such talented photographers.  To be honest, I never would have made it without the patience and encouragement of Kim Harkins, now the ‘former’ head of the photography department at Gwinnett Tech.  She is following her husband to California, where he has accepted the presidency of Orange Coast College.  Congratulations to Sheri Finch, who is now the ‘new’ head of the photography department.  Don’t blink, things change fast around here!  TTFN SDG

New Logo…I think!

29 07 2010

Here it is, guys!  Sorry I haven’t been around lately; I finally got my computer replaced!  You just have to love AppleCare!  They replaced my 24″ iMAC with a 27″ iMAC. Don’t ask me details but it’s the old MacPro processor…I think.  My husband takes care of these details.  Anyway, I love it and feel like I can finally get back to the assignments at hand!  TTFN SDG

Ray Patenaude, Veteran…Thank You for Your Service!

6 07 2010

We just celebrated our nation’s birthday, Independence Day; I’m surprised at how many Americans don’t know or remember our roots.  Our freedom was paid for in blood, the blood of brave individuals who sacrificed everything to defend a country where people can live, work and worship as they wish.  I’d like to thank all the men and women who have served in the Armed Services for all the generations of our nation.

A photography friend, Joan Genest, has donated her uncle’s war memorabilia (seen above) to Warren Mott’s Millitary Museum.  Thank you for sharing him with all of us.  Also at the museum are a number of other displays of very noble individual’s efforts in keeping us, and most of the rest of the world, safe and free.  Happy belated Fourth to all my fellow Americans!  TTFN SDG

Mott’s Military Museum

24 06 2010

To all of the PPA Print Competition folks, I stopped off in Groveport, OH on my way to Michigan and visited Warren Mott’s Military Museum.  Warren gave me way more than the 50 cent tour.  I was awed, inspired and humbled at the quality of the exhibit and the number of items people from all over the world have donated.  If you are ever in Ohio, or even close, I highly suggest you visit the museum.  Warren is, not only an amazing photographer, but a unique and compassionate individual.  I am honored to call him my friend.  TTFN SDG

New Logo!

19 06 2010

Ok…here is my tweaked version of my new logo.  Comments are greatly appreciated!  TTFN  SDG