Exciting Week of Photography!

8 10 2009

What a busy week we’ve had. I built a set for my pet portrait assignment in Advanced Portraiture over the weekend. I bought some muslin and stenciled doggie paw prints on it; I also stenciled the prints on a big chili pot and painted the inside too. A wooden spoon was also painted. With red felt, I made an apron and a little chef’s hat. The plan was to photograph a ‘cooking’ pooch or a dog ‘taste-testing’ his dinner. On Monday we did our pet portraits; I shot a little terrier mix pooch…really cute and, thankfully well behaved. As you can see from the chosen photo left, none of my hard work made it into the picture. I just can’t seem to get the hang of the KISS rule! Plus, almost every image has a strand of hair across his right eye. Mrs. Harkins said I should have just snipped it; but 1) I didn’t even see it until post-production and 2) she wasn’t my dog to be snipping!

Here is one of my doggie images with all my props. I still think she’s cute; but this is not the image I will be submitting .

We also had to write a paper on the History of Photojournalism over the weekend. My family was in Colorado Springs visiting our oldest daughter, who is a cadet at the Air Force Academy; so I had a pretty quiet weekend. It was actually a little too quiet…I’m not looking forward to our empty nest! Anyway, the paper was written, despite this horrible sinus infection and headache I’ve been dealing with!

On Wednesday, we had to go out before class and shoot a weather feature in the rain. I came across a car that had spun out and quickly shot a couple of images before I saw the policeman frantically waving me by! I’m not so sure about Photojournalism; it’s really going to take me out of my comfort zone. And I hope I don’t get in an accident trying to get that headline shot! Ms. Finch liked the image but wanted a person in the photo. I tried to come back to the accident, but by the time I drove to the next exit and returned it was all gone. Next time I think I’ll just pull over and walk back to it. We also didn’t have to compose a caption for our photos today; that will begin next week on our sports photos. TTFN sdg




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