Softball Shoot Out!

9 10 2009

So last night I went to the Fastpitch Softball Regional Play Off game at the Oconee County field. I got a few good shots, I think?! We’ll see on Monday when I show my contact sheet to Finch. I also shot a Swim Meet last Friday night; but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing there that is terribly spectacular. I may be going to an air show on Saturday with Jeremy and Nelson; but it will depend on my sinus infection and how I’m feeling with it tonight. I went to the doctor this morning…another round of antibiotic and Claritin D. Woohoo! I just hope it helps; I’m a little tired of feeling like my head is about to explode every time I bend over. Off to an eye doctor appointment in Gainesville. This is always a fun – and expensive – outing for the entire family. This year is the first we aren’t all going together. One daughter is off to college and hubby is in Venice (bummer for me); he’s already gone for his check-up so I’ll be picking up some of his glasses while there. Depending on the weather, I may try to shoot the Oconee County-Stephens County football game tonight. TTFN sdg




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