Jaycee and Football!

13 10 2009

Today was a topsy-turvy lab day! We started out in our lab, had to move down to the small one so Finch could lecture to lower quarter and then moved back to our lab. We worked it out though-Day Group rocks! I just got permission to post Jaycee’s picture. This is the one I’ll be turning in for a grade; but there were so many cute ones from which to choose. Jaycee is a beautiful little almost two year old who smiles all the time – until I need her to smile for my portrait! That’s okay, I’ll get to photograph her, hopefully, many times as she grows up into a beautiful young woman. Yes, Momma Leanne, she’s going to grow up way too quickly to suit you and Nick. Enjoy your precious gift as much as you possibly can. The time will fly; but it will be an enjoyable journey!

I had a chance to have Finch select my sports pic; she didn’t pick any I have posted so…here’s my picture and my caption.

“On Friday evening, October 19, 2009, with less than three minutes remaining in the third quarter, Oconee County quarterback, Hutch Roper, moves the ball inside the 20 yard line on the quarterback keeper, setting up their second field goal in the 27 to 21 victory over Stephens County. This was Oconee County’s first win of the 2009 football season.”

Not too bad, but maybe too wordy. I’ll find out tomorrow during photojournalism. TTFN sdg




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