Holiday Portrait Studio!

14 10 2009

It doesn’t seem possible, but we are now in the process of preparing for Holiday Portraits. Upper quarter is really psyched to do an amazing job this year; and it seems like lower quarter is excited to be helping out as well. We feel confident we can bring something new and different to the table and provide for our clients a product that is well worth their hard-earned money. We look forward to ‘raising the bar’, finishing tasks ahead of schedule, with our enthusiasm still intact. We have an amazing team of leaders ready to take up the challenge to perform their duties in a timely and professional manner. Kuddos to Amanda, my partner in crime helping with the admin end, Chelsea, our set construction team leader, Deb, our waiting room organizer, Damien, in charge of printing and bookkeeping, Lindsay (who is slacking right now, on a cruise, no less!!) is our lower quarter liaison, Jayne, team leader for internal and external communication, and, last but certainly not

least, Jenni, who will be in charge of tying up any loose ends. Jenni, we hope to put you out of a job! Stay tuned for a blogspot, email and website giving many more details as they develop. For now…GREAT JOB EVERYONE !! I’ve posted a pic from a former holiday portrait, can’t wait until we get our set together so we can ‘wow the socks off’ of everyone who sees it! TTFN sdg




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