22 10 2009

My image was chosen to be the Gwinnett Technical College holiday card for this year! I am shocked and amazed and very honored that my french horn was selected! Thanks, Jeremy, for being my partner and helping me light! I know your arms got tired holding that diffuser up the whole time I was changing my focus. Gerald was also holding a card over my tent. Thanks, Gerald! You are both very helpful friends in the studio! I’d also like to thank Chick Piano for loaning me the french horn to shoot. I shot it with my 4×5 camera (check out this article), using Tungsten film, with an ISO of 64, 180mm lens, and 8.5″ bellows extension. My exposure was F 11.25 at 4 seconds. Wow, how exciting!! Now, I have to order the cards through Modern Postcard. What an exciting day! TTFN sdg




10 responses

22 10 2009
Amy Andoe

Congrats Lisa!!!!

22 10 2009
Ana Doemland

Congrats Lisa!
It looks amazing! It will be up on the GTC Holiday Portraits site very soon. I used the Flickr image.

22 10 2009
Miriam Byer

Congrats Lisa! Nice Picture.

22 10 2009
Lisa Cave

Thanks, everyone!

23 10 2009
Jeremy Figluizzi

I am very happy that your shot got chosen for the holiday card. I is quite beautiful and you deserve it. Also without your help I don't think my images would have been so successful.

23 10 2009
Russelle Dennis

congratulations Lisa

23 10 2009
Kala Minko Photography

Its really great that your image was chosen for the holiday card! congrats

23 10 2009
T Pero

Congrats! Great shot!

23 10 2009
Marcee Lee Innes

Congrats Lisa…its awesome!

23 10 2009
nelson a. bigles

Awesome! good job!! It looks great can't wait to see the whole layout for the invite. Go Lisa!

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