27 10 2009

I just received a comment asking what ‘TTFN’ means. Am I that old…please, don’t answer that. ‘TTFN’ means Ta Ta For Now. I thought it was a common acronym used in texting and on Facebook; but I believe Tigger, from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, may have originated it in the media. So…TTFN sdg!




4 responses

27 10 2009
Amanda Gardner

..but what does the sdg stand for?

27 10 2009

I could be the crazy one but… idk what sdg is but hey I knew what ttfn meant, my younger brother had a thing for Pooh lol

28 10 2009
Amy Andoe

I love Tigger and Pooh, I know what TTFN is and I'm only 19

28 10 2009
Allyson Stephens

I knew that! I love Pooh! Yay! ^_^
But I have nothing on the sdg… >_<

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