Christmas Gift Idea?

29 11 2009

So . . . last week, Santa asked me if I’d be interested in getting a Canon 5D Mark II.  (Check out this review!)  What was I thinking?  I hemmed and hawed about not being sure exactly what equipment I really need to buy because I’m not sure what I want to focus on for a specialty.  I love my 4×5 large-format camera, which I think I’ll be able to use again next quarter for Advanced Commercial.  And if I go the commercial route, I may need a digital camera back for it or some way to be able to shoot through it digitally.  I think Brett May mentioned an apparatus you could use; I’ll have to check with him on that.  What will I tell Santa if he asks again . . . I think I need to speak to Mrs. Harkins, the Commercial Photography Program Director at Gwinnett Technical College, and get some much needed advice.  You don’t want to take advantage of Santa if you don’t need to . . .  TTFN SDG




One response

30 11 2009

5D MII !!!!!!!!

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