Santa was very, very good to me!

25 12 2009

Well, Santa, for the first time in many years, actually surprised me!  He told me the Canon 5D Mark II had been ordered but he wasn’t sure it was actually going to make it here in time for Christmas.  So last night we had dinner, opened gifts and sent the girls off to bed.  Then, of course, Santa got busy.  He said he had to collect things from all over the house; so I did my stuff first and went to bed.  This morning, I rolled open a note from Santa which read:

“Dear Lisa,  My Canon elves have been very lazy this year.  I asked them to deliver one of these (picture of camera) to me so I could give it to you, but they failed.  Something about a tax increase to pay for healthcare.  they see no reason to work harder only to get it taken away.  I’m sorry, you probably don’t want excuses, only a camera.  I promise to deliver it as soon as my elves get back to work.  If they don’t deliver soon, I will start firing them and find others who are willing to work.  Hope you aren’t too disappointed.  I promise it will be here soon.  Love, Santa”

As he begins to open his stocking I want a photograph of him; so I grab my camera off of my tripod, where I left it last night to remotely shoot candids of us opening gifts.  It feels a little heavier than normal; but I just got up and am not really awake.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)  I shot off a couple of images of him and daughters; but when I went to review the images I shot, the back of the camera was very different from my 40D.  Anyway, to make a long story short; he replaced my camera on my tripod, including the bracket and light, and replaced it with the new camera.  I was shocked, not only at receiving this special gift on this special day, but that he was such a good actor in the entire process.  Thanks, Santa, I love you!  TTFN SDG




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27 12 2009
nelson b

Thats AWESOME Lisa!!! Congrats on your new toy! well now if you don’t have CS4 you will need to get it b/c CS3 will not recognize 5D II info. Just so you know. I had the same issue when I tried to download my pics. Any how Congrats to you!!

27 12 2009

Congrats Lisa thats awsome !!!!

p.s John put CS4 on all of the computers at school

3 01 2010

Nice surprise!

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