Winter Quarter – Portfolio Development

13 02 2010

This quarter at GTC, I’m taking Advanced Commercial, Portfolio Development and History.  Here’s a quick update on each class…beginning with Portfolio Review.  We had to present all the images from the past we thought might make it into our Portfolio Book.  After culling 30,000 images down to 250, the instructors, Mrs. Kim Harkins and Ms. Sheri Finch chose 15 images they liked.  Some will need to be reshot; others will need to be tweaked in Photoshop.  Our portfolios consists of the following sections:  A.  Black and White/Color Techniques  B.  Commercial Applications  C.  Portrait/Wedding  D.  Advertising  E.  Specialized Study.  The above images have been turned in for section A. B & W/Color Techniques, which is comprised of the following image selections:    1st quarter images, Photojournalism, Kodaliths & Monochromes, Zone Prints, Darkroom Techniques, Color Portfolio, Landscapes.  The first image is an HDR composite taken at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.  I took nine exposures; but this image is only using five of those exposures.  The second image was taken at Notting Hill, near London, UK.  TTFN SDG




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