SC’s Senior Images

18 04 2010

This is SC’s selection for her senior picture.  The first image is straight out of the camera, the RAW file.  The second image is after…applying a white balance from a gray card, making an exposure adjustment, pushing the black clipping and adjusting the crop and angle– all in Lightroom.   When I took it over to Photoshop I added…a Gaussian blur to all but her eyes and some facial features, some retouching to her necklace clasp, top and skin, some minor burning and dodging, adjusted the brightness and contrast, fixed her chapped lips and added text. (Her name has been blurred out for safety’s sake.)  Her skin is so pale you can see the veins; I’m waiting for a friend to help me find a plug-in that will soften her skin tone and smooth it out a bit.  She’s a beauty in both images; but she shines in the one that is more like what I saw with my own two eyes!  TTFN SDG




2 responses

18 04 2010

cool pics.
good pose too

8 06 2010
ty the skin softening brush in lightroom.

try the skin softening brush in lightroom. there is also portrait professional ($60) but it is limited in the control you have.

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