Gift For a Child Founder, Rene Gunn

13 06 2010

The entire event I covered this week would not have been possible without the passionate vision and tireless effort of Rene Gunn and her organization, Gift For a Child.  Thank you, Rene, for loving and having compassion on the youth who are thrown into situations over which they have little or no control.  Your heart has been shown to this small group of people; and I, for one, am very proud to know you and your very special man, Garney.  You have both blessed my life immeasurably.  I hope you are blessed, as well, as you witness the accomplishments of those in whom you’ve invested so much of your precious time and energy.  Thank you for all you do!  TTFN SDG




One response

18 06 2010
Rene Gunn

Lisa, thank you for your gift to foster youth. It meant so much to the youth to have you capture a special memory for them over the few das of our event. First the Governor’s Mansion – you did a great job. 2ndly, our real life event. We are featuring you on our new website 🙂

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