Photoshop Plug-In?

18 11 2009

I’m considering purchasing a Photoshop Plug-In for portraiture and this one is in the running.  Read this article and review.  Tell me what you think or if you have any other suggestions for me to consider.  TTFN SDG


Header Fixed

8 11 2009

I just reworked/resized my wordpress header.  It’s a photograph I took of the London Eye in September of 2009 using a slow shutter and moving the focal length of the lens while the shutter was open.  It looks great; at least, I think it does!  TTFN SDG

New Blog

7 11 2009

I’m required to begin a new blog on wordpress; so here it is!  I don’t think I’ll be giving up my blogspot; so far I’ve found it more user friendly.  We’ll see if wordpress rubs off on me or not…TTFN SDG