Daughter’s Graduation

31 05 2010

The family, celebrating our second daughter’s successful completion of high school from Heritage Classical Study Center.  This is why I’ve been so panicked about getting my architecture shots completed.  We had 12 extra family members staying in our home and two more in a hotel.  It was a fun weekend, especially since our oldest was able to join us for the event!  Congratulations, Steph!  TTFN SDG


1st Gallery Attempt-Deer Wreck!

12 04 2010

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This is my first posting of a slideshow with my watermark on the images.  It took some time; but I think I like the process and the ability to do this.  I don’t think I’ll be posting to Facebook anymore.  I think my images are safer here in this format.  Anyway, this is what happens when you drive Shelley to the airport… a deer decides to go through your stopped vehicle…$3000.00 worth of damage later…and the body shop can’t get it in until April 26th!  Shelley, you’ll have to ride the bus next time!  TTFN SDG


19 01 2010

After spending some time with family over the holidays, it’s time to get back to work.  School started back up January 5th; and two days later I headed for Nashville as a volunteer at Imaging U.S.A. It was an amazing experience to hear the experts teaching the highlights of our craft.  I’m ready to continue learning all that’s needed to make my photography business a success.  The volunteer work was tough; but we survived to live another day.  TTFN SDG

5D Mark II . . . may have been wrecked :(

30 11 2009

The girls are safe; but the car is totaled; and our cadet made it on her flight so as not to be AWOL!  I think my Canon 5D Mark II may have to wait.  We are just so thankful they were not hurt and that no one else hit them as they spun across all four lanes of traffic.  We are blessed!  You think Finch will give me credit for spot news?  TTFN SDG

Thanksgiving with Family . . .

29 11 2009

Our Thanksgiving dinner was small this year.  We usually have from 10-25 people around our home, eating, laughing, visiting, playing games and just having a great time together.  We didn’t have our extra friends and family this year; but we were blessed to all be together again.  We have no idea how many years before we won’t be able to get together; but I’m sure that our Air Force cadet daughter’s ‘holidays with family’ will be somewhat limited once she graduates and moves on to the real Air Force.  We have tried to make the most of our short time together and are already counting down the days to her return home for Christmas.  I hope you all had a very restful and thankful time with family and friends this past week.  TTFN SDG

Family Fun!

29 11 2009

I found out over the holidays how truly difficult it is to get a bunch of jokers to pose for a photo.  Here’s my family giving me fits on Thanksgiving evening.  We were too stuffed to have another meal; so we snacked on popcorn.  I love my family…but they can be annoying at times!!  TTFN SDG