In Honor of the Olympics!

14 02 2010

Lindsay Grogan’s Journey to the Paralympics...  This was my final Multimedia Project video from last fall.  Lindsay was a great sport to allow me follow her around, ask her questions and photograph her.  I wish her luck as she begins the road to the Paralympic Games once again.  TTFN SDG


David LaBelle Interview, Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

12 12 2009

I had the awesome privilege of spending some quality, quiet time interviewing David LaBelle on the final evening of the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.  My heart agrees with his heart and I love that he has such an amazing platform from which to share.  You’ll love his son, Tucker, exploring my MacBook’s video capabilities.  He was a curious and informative young man and such a help to everyone involved with the seminar.  Though I don’t see myself as a photojournalist, Dave makes me want to push that side of me further to see the beautiful, happy things in life and to also give a voice to those in need.  I was also fortunate to spend a few quiet moment discussing homeschooling with his lovely wife, Erin.  We exchanged information and I tried to urge her to check out Athens in hope of moving to a homeschool friendly environment.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the LaBelle’s in our ‘neck of the woods’ for a time!  I really hope I have the opportunity to spend more time with Dave’s lovely family in the future.  Thank you, LaBelle’s for being so gracious to us!  TTFN SDG


7 11 2009

A very good friend of mine recently interviewed me about the photography program at Gwinnett Technical College and what my goals are for the near future and my internship.  Click play button to listen in.  TTFN SDG