9 11 2009

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Debra Hodges, pictured with Nicole Cochran, committee head and member, of the  Set Construction 2 Committee have done a great job of preparing the waiting area and decorating the trees for Holiday Portraits.  Debra has tied an amazing number of beautiful bows for the set.  Thanks for all your hard work girls!  Only two more days to go before we start our Holiday Portrait ‘business’!  Good luck on your individuals shoots, guys!  TTFN SDG



30 10 2009

Ana Doemland has done an amazing job as a member of the Print and Bookkeeping Committee for Holiday Portraits! She collected all the email addresses from Lower Quarter and Upper Quarter, set up a Facebook Group for Holiday Portraits and sent out the Evites for this event, which included typing in over 300 email addresses. You have made a great sacrifice to help make our Holiday Portraits an amazing event! Without the invitations, we would have no clients to photograph. Thanks, Ana, for all your hard work; and congratulation on being the latest Quarter, Upper Invaluable Photography Student! TTFN SDG


21 10 2009

Brett May is my latest QUIPS! Brett drew out and designed the set for holiday portraits. We all voted on the designs; and, as you can see,
many people thought this design was the best one for this year’s set. Chelsea’s box looks amazing; and, as of Monday morning, we are off to work, putting together all the pieces of the set! Don’t forget, everyone, wear work clothes and bring paint brushes/rollers, buckets, tarps…and a great attitude for work and fun! I think we’re going to have a great time making a great looking set! Look out November, here we come! Congratulations, Brett, on a great design and a great artistic talent! You’re photography is amazing as well! On a side note: thanks for helping me get my header fixed. Notice, Mr. Jones, the text is not embossed! TTFN sdg


18 10 2009

Chelsea Smith is the team leader for the Set Construction 1 committee for Holiday Portraits. She was so motivated to get a handle on her duties she decided to build one of the big boxes this weekend! Kuddos to you, Chelsea for taking the initiative to really be on top of things! I’ve been impressed so far with all your ideas and execution. I know your team is going to do an amazing job on the set; without it we really can’t move on nor will we have any customers who want their portrait made! I can’t wait to see the set completed; it’s going to be simple yet amazing! (Sorry I caught you on a bad hair day but hope the pic is okay for you!) Keep up the good work, girl! TTFN sdg

New Series-QUIPS

16 10 2009

Until I have a better name for this, I will begin a new series entitled QUIPS! It’s an acronym for Quarter, Upper Invaluable Photography Students; and, yes, I know the
title is lame. The person who comes up with the best idea for a new appropriate acronym will be my next feature! Leave your suggestions in my comment box. Damian AhChing is my first feature. He is the team leader for the printing and bookkeeping committee for Holiday Portraits. Mrs. Harkins asked him to create a raffle ticket design last weekend and he did a great job! I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the remainder of the quarter. Damian won the regional Skills USA Competition and went on to Kansas City where he placed third nationwide. Congratulations, Damien! You have an amazing career ahead of you! TTFN sdg