New Logo…I think!

29 07 2010

Here it is, guys!  Sorry I haven’t been around lately; I finally got my computer replaced!  You just have to love AppleCare!  They replaced my 24″ iMAC with a 27″ iMAC. Don’t ask me details but it’s the old MacPro processor…I think.  My husband takes care of these details.  Anyway, I love it and feel like I can finally get back to the assignments at hand!  TTFN SDG


1st Gallery Attempt-Deer Wreck!

12 04 2010

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This is my first posting of a slideshow with my watermark on the images.  It took some time; but I think I like the process and the ability to do this.  I don’t think I’ll be posting to Facebook anymore.  I think my images are safer here in this format.  Anyway, this is what happens when you drive Shelley to the airport… a deer decides to go through your stopped vehicle…$3000.00 worth of damage later…and the body shop can’t get it in until April 26th!  Shelley, you’ll have to ride the bus next time!  TTFN SDG

Re-Shoot: Amaretto

18 03 2010

This is my alcohol re-shoot.  I think it turned out great!  I shot it in the corner of my roll-top desk at home with one main light in front, no gels, and a mini-slave behind.  I had to experiment with the mini-slave.  Turning it toward the bottle blew it out; so it is turned away from the bottle toward a gold reflector card.  I love my husband!  He stayed up till 2am after returning from a long flight from London to help me troubleshoot.  What a guy!  TTFN SDG

Photoshop Plug-In?

18 11 2009

I’m considering purchasing a Photoshop Plug-In for portraiture and this one is in the running.  Read this article and review.  Tell me what you think or if you have any other suggestions for me to consider.  TTFN SDG

Magic Mouse for MACs!

23 10 2009

Apple is introducing a new mouse; and it’s included with all the new iMacs. Click here or on the image to read the article. Get in line for your new iMac…it will be amazing! TTFN sdg

Stat Counter

20 10 2009 - Free Web Tracker, Counter and Detailed Stats

I just added a counter too! Thanks, Jayne! What a great idea! I’m not sure I put in on right; so I’ll keep checking it. TTFN sdg


19 10 2009

Does anyone know how to help me with my text? I dropped the script, which I had hoped would be my logo look; but it looks pixelated, even after it’s rasterized. I changed to Verdana text, which Mr. Jones said was a better photoshop text; and it still looks pixelated. What should I try next? I’m going to try this website for help; does anyone have any other suggestions? I’d really appreciate your help! TTFN sdg