New Business Card

16 12 2011

I’m back with a slightly altered new business card and some new images to post!  Can’t wait to share more with you.  I’ve been away from the blog over a year; so there will be lots of information and images to share.  Hope you are all having a great time preparing for Christmas!   TTFN  SDG


Posting During Italy Trip

13 09 2010

We’re supposed to have internet connections at all the hotels in which we’re staying; so I’ll be posting soon.  Meantime, my portfolio images…most of them, are on my new website.  Enjoy!



29 11 2009

Sorry, we had a friend pass away over the Thanksgiving break.  He was only 46 and left behind a wife and two college-aged children.  I guess it was his age that was so disturbing.  He was four years younger than am I and eight years younger than my husband.  You just never know when life, or in this case, death, will take you.  The moral of the story is:  never take your life or those of your loved ones for granted; each time you see them, appreciate them for who they are and love them in spite of themselves.  TTFN SDG

My Cadet

17 10 2009

My daughter is a 4th class (that’s government speak for a freshman) Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy. Here’s her swimmer info page, a far cry from the child that grew up under my nose! She’s having shoulder surgery in November, so her swimming career may be nearing an end. According to her former coach, Harvey Humphries, she has the 13th fastest mile in the state of GA. I can’t find the USA Swimming link to verify that fact; but I will contact Harvey to find out where it’s located. TTFN sdg