Painting With Light

1 06 2010

This was a fun assignment…wait until it’s completely dark outside and paint a room with light.  This is a scan of my chrome.  I like it very much, especially the fire and the wall sconces!  I wonder if anyone will recognize the home or the cute little boys in the portraits!?!  Thanks for allowing me to keep you up late, Friends!  TTFN SDG


Architecture: Interior, Available Light

31 05 2010

This is my Interior, Available Light shot; the second time I took it worked out well.  My first chrome was shot with tungsten film; but the curtains were open and there was still enough daylight to come through, blue, unfortunately, since the color temperature was higher than tungsten (or incandescent) light.  This shot is tungsten film; but the lights inside are all tungsten so the colors look great.  TTFN SDG

Architecture 2: High-Rise

31 05 2010

Not too many 7+ storied buildings in Athens; but was blessed enough to manage a photograph of the Hilton Garden Inn.  The north side is always in shadow; so the image has more contrast than I would have liked.  Al and I got up early on a Sunday morning and made our way downtown to shoot from the top of the building across the street.  Traffic was slim, thank goodness, and I managed to get this shot.  TTFN SDG

Architecture Assignment 1: Condos and Complexes or Low Rise

31 05 2010

It’s been a busy quarter; I’ve really wracked up the mileage on my car…scouting out places to photograph and actually shooting them.  For our first assignment, I photographed this duplex and turned it in back on April 20th.  This was shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and my 24-105mm lens.  The trick was actually leveling out the digital camera; but I think I managed to do a pretty decent job with it.  TTFN SDG