12 04 2010

LR2/Mogrify Lightroom Video Tutorial from David Marx on Vimeo.

I’ve been researching the copyright issue of having my images on the web. Check out this video on how to watermark your images and make them more professional for display on the internet. TTFN SDG


Photoshop Sneak Peek – Love It!

25 03 2010

A fellow classmate, Damian AhChing, shared this video.  I love all the new manipulations pending in Photoshop.  TTFN SDG

Photo Skills Book

21 11 2009

In Photo Imaging III, we had to make a book using our Photoshop manipulated images and iPhoto.  We created our pages and inserted them in to the book format from iPhoto, then ordered the 8 x 6″ soft-sided books from Apple.  Here are the images I used in that book.  Mr. Jones returned them; but I have misplaced my book.  I intend to redo my book before portfolio; but please take a look at what I first created during the summer of 2009.  TTFN  SDG

Photoshop Plug-In?

18 11 2009

I’m considering purchasing a Photoshop Plug-In for portraiture and this one is in the running.  Read this article and review.  Tell me what you think or if you have any other suggestions for me to consider.  TTFN SDG