“Finding Home” opening night a success!

11 12 2009

“Finding Home” opened last night.  These are images I took from my camera on the final dress rehearsal.  I had a remote control I used to snap while I was on stage.  You can see it in my right hand (in the fur wrap) in the image on the left; it looks like a conductor’s baton.  The show went smoothly, even with all the opening night catastrophes.  If you came, thanks; if you haven’t yet attended, please do!  Check it out at Cornerstone Productions.  TTFN  SDG


Christmas Gift Idea?

29 11 2009

So . . . last week, Santa asked me if I’d be interested in getting a Canon 5D Mark II.  (Check out this review!)  What was I thinking?  I hemmed and hawed about not being sure exactly what equipment I really need to buy because I’m not sure what I want to focus on for a specialty.  I love my 4×5 large-format camera, which I think I’ll be able to use again next quarter for Advanced Commercial.  And if I go the commercial route, I may need a digital camera back for it or some way to be able to shoot through it digitally.  I think Brett May mentioned an apparatus you could use; I’ll have to check with him on that.  What will I tell Santa if he asks again . . . I think I need to speak to Mrs. Harkins, the Commercial Photography Program Director at Gwinnett Technical College, and get some much needed advice.  You don’t want to take advantage of Santa if you don’t need to . . .  TTFN SDG

How To Keep Your Batteries Charged While Traveling

26 11 2009

With internship choices coming up fast, I have to consider how to keep shooting when I’m away from home.  Places I may travel include Australia, Israel, United Kingdom and the Western U.S.  Check out this article if you’re leaving the creature comforts of home for your photography adventure.  TTFN SDG

Camera Strap

26 11 2009

I have a friend, John Weatherford, who photographs swimming events in our area; and he loves his Black Rapid R-Camera Strap.  I think it would be very helpful and much more comfortable than the Canon strap that came with my 40D.  I’ve been thinking about getting one; but I need some stocking stuffer ideas to give my husband Christmas.  I can wait till Christmas to see if I’ve been good!  Check out this article if you’re interested in a new camera strap.  TTFN SDG

Finding Images

20 11 2009

If you’re stuck in a rut, as far as finding interesting images to photograph, read this article for a fresh outlook on where to look and how to work the scene.  Happy hunting…for the perfect images!  TTFN SDG

The Art of Pregnancy Photography: Posing

20 11 2009

I just received a MAC-ON-CAMPUS newsletter with an article on pregnancy photography based on the book The Art of Pregnancy Photography by Jennifer George.  I’ll be photographing a friend, Sharon, the director of the musical in which I am now involved, as soon as the production is over.  She is due sometime in March or April 2010; we just hope she makes it through the show!  TTFN SDG


19 11 2009

We created a YouTube account in Multimedia II today.  If you’re interested, read this ‘how to’ article.  I’ll be posting images on YouTube and then linking to my blogs.  TTFN  SDG